Wood Badge Scoutmasters

Scouters who have completed Wood Badge training are awarded two small wooden beads to wear around their necks. Scouters who have completed Wood Badge training, and have served on a staff for a Wood Badge course are awarded a third bead.  When a Scouter serves as a Scoutmaster for a Wood Badge course, he receives a fourth bead.

These are the Wood Badge courses that have been held in the Pushmataha Area Council, and those who earned their fourth beads by serving as Scoutmaster for each course.

1978, SE-182, Mike Barnes, Camp Palila
1984, SE-381, Jim Strickland, Camp Seminole
1987, SE-448, David Setzer, Camp Seminole
2000, SR-337, Ronnie Fulghum, Camp Seminole
2003, SR-516, Mark Guyton, Camp Seminole
2006, SR-739, Dan Wrather, Camp Seminole
2009, SR-947, Donald "B3AR" Ellis, Camp Seminole
2012, SR1-691-12, John Herring, Camp Seminole
2015, SR1-691-15, Brian Wells, Camp Seminole