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Links to sites that offer advice on gear repair, maintenance, and reviews. 
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1 Classic Camp Stoves
This is a site dedicated to all sorts of camp stoves. Information about Coleman, Primus, Omega, and a lot of brands you've never heard of can be found here. If you're having stove trouble, the experts hee can help you solve what's bugging your stove.
2 Boy Scout Knives and Axes
The only website dedicated to the identification and preservation of Boy Scout knives, axes, and cutlery. A forum is there for questions, and there's a lot of info that will help you date and identify your old BSA knife or axe.
3 Lamp Guild
This UK based website has a worldwide following, and information on repairing, identifying, and reviving even the most obscure gas lamps, including Colemans, military issues, kerosene wick lamps, and related gear.
4 Old Town Coleman Center
Every troop in our council has something made by Coleman. When it breaks, or stops working as it should, there's a good chance you'll find the help you need on this page. Troubleshooting, parts diagrams, and online owners manuals make this the first place many folks turn to when their Coleman goes belly-up. This site is Coleman-only.