2015 Trails End Popcorn Sale

Trails End Popcorn Sale will start on September 19th, this year our councils popcorn goal is $100,000, and we need your units help to achieve it… Please contact Micah Huffman at micah.huffman@scouting.org with any questions you may have

What's New in 2015?
- 4 New Tin Designs
- Popping Corn, New Product
- New Pick Up Date Earlier in the Week
- New Bag Design (More Scouting)
- New Bonus Commission (See Pg. 7 of Guide)
- New Council Incentives (See Pg. 7 of Guide)

Key Popcorn Dates
September 4-18- Unit Kick offs
Saturday, September 19th Popcorn Sales Start
Tuesday September 8th Show and Sale Orders Due (See Order form Attached)
Friday September 18th Show and Sale Pick Up at Go Box
Friday November 6th Take and Prize Orders Due
Wed. November 18th Take Order Pick Up at Go Box
Friday December 18th Popcorn Payments Due

2015 Unit Kernel Guide

2015 Unit Kernel Sign Up Form

2015 Show-N-Sell Popcorn Form